The Israeli InsurTech Ecosystem

Reading the news in the world media about InsurTech investments in the recent months we can be clearly identified a large number of investments in Israeli InsurTech start-ups

Lemonade, Next Insurance, Planck Re Hippo, Atidot and others are just part of the Israel InsurTech startups which recently invested

The Israeli InsurTech ecosystem knows how to create a culture of entrepreneurship that enables this remarkable development.

All the key players that support the industry are committed for success. Israeli regulators have an open mind to ideas, there are pre-seed investors and they are not afraid to invest in entrepreneurs who only have an idea. The infrastructure to build a startup in Israel are convenient for the entrepreneurs, such as experienced law and accounting firms and leading strategic companies in the world are in Israel The technology units in the army also create entrepreneurs and young technology professionals. All of that and more help the Israeli InsurTech ecosystem grow and develop.

I one of the leaders in the InsurTech industry in Israel, met with many entrepreneurs in Israel all the time. I asked myself why in Israel, beyond the general reasons I mentioned earlier, there is a considerable success for InsurTech entrepreneurs I think one of the main reasons is that in Israel there is a great openness to adopt new ideas. People and entrepreneurs who see a problem or difficulty trying to find a technological solution solve the problem I find from time to time when I met with entrepreneurs and ask them why they decided to open the startup and find that the reason sometimes was created from their personal experience

Kobi Bendelak

CEO at InsurTech Israel

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