How can the InterTech world develop Africa?

I invite you to come to the largest Fintech Conference in Africa, to be held in Lagos, Nigeria on 03-07/12, to hear how the InsurTech can improve the quality of life and economy in Africa

Prior to the conference, I present some important issues connected to the headline how can the InterTech world develop Africa?

Peer to Peer insurance – it’s one of the tools for building insurance companies or insurance entities in the developing world. Where the volume of capital is small. Peer to Peer insurance is the solution. InsurTech can allow this on the basis of the use of technology that enables the management raising funds and maintaining coverage and claims

Micro-Insurance – In a world in which the public’s assets are not large enough and so is the available money, and in the other hand, an increase in the need to be cover easily accessible coverage can provide an answer to economic development. The technologies of the InsurTech world enable customers, to purchase insurance, to protect themselves and to share risks

Technological applications – In the developing world there is insufficient medical documentation for every resident, and therefore the ability to conduct reliable underwriting. Technologies that exist today can provide insurance companies a good underwriting capability for personal insurance and reduce insurance costs to allow customers to purchase insurance at a fair price

Electronic wallet – Using an electronic wallet in the developing world is a tool that will enable insurance companies to better know their customers and offer them suitable insurance coverage at a low price

Agricultural insurance – technology already allows improving agricultural output in the world. This technology will also enable the farmers to ensure against damages and will allow greater risks to be taken, resulting in increased productivity and income

The development and prosperity of the Insurtech world will lead economic development in those countries. Insurance is a very important tool in economic and social development. The insurance world allows the public to take the risk

This is an amazing opportunity for developing countries to grow and increase their economies.

Kobi Bendelak

CEO at InsurTech Israel

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