About us

InsurTech Israel stands at the forefront of the Israeli Insurtech landscape, pioneering innovation across four core domains. Our multifaceted approach encompasses: Investment - We fuel the growth of Israeli InsurTech startups by providing crucial investment backing. Accelerator program - Our highly successful Israeli Insurtech accelerator forms global partnerships, propelling Israeli startups to new heights. Business Development Hub - We are dedicated to fostering collaboration between Israeli startups, insurance companies, and venture capitalists from around the world. Global Outreach - Through our media division, we orchestrate global roadshows, delegations, and conferences, effectively spotlighting the Israeli InsurTech ecosystem. Our online magazine, InsurTech Israel News, is a valuable resource for those seeking insights into the Israeli Insurtech scene. With our comprehensive array of activities, InsurTech Israel stands as the unrivaled leader and most active player within the Israeli Insurtech ecosystem. We are your gateway to the future of insurtech technology in Israel.